Life and Protection

Are your loved ones protected? Q Life Advisors will compare all the premium prices of all of the Life Insurance Providers in Ireland, assess your income shortfalls and find the most competitive quote to protect you and your loved ones right now.

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Life Manager

Our Life and Protection team are waiting for your call

Our Life and Protection team are waiting for your call

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Life Cover

Our Experienced Credit Analysts will examine your case and do a best-against the best analysis on all regulated Mortgage providers. We will appoint a Mortgage Coach to your case to work with you through the whole mortgage journey.

Life Cover

We assess your protection needs and do a best-price quote comparison across all Insurance available for that level of cover.

Serious Illness and Cancer Cover

There are multiple options for serious illness cover. Different Life companies cover different risks. Call Q Life now.

Income Protection and Partnership Key Man Cover

You need the best advice and the best price. Call now and talk to a Life Advisor.

Heart related illness caused more than 7000 deaths in Ireland

Cancer is a big killer, causing 9000 deaths in 2018

An income protection policy can cover 2/3rds of your income

Men live to 80.5 years, women live to 84.1 years on average


Fast Life Quotes

We will assess your family’s income shortall in the event of death. Our Advisors will then do an industry wide cross comparison quote across all Life providers in Ireland

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Serious Illness Cover

Serious illness cover varies greatly from one Life insurer to another . Some cover illnesses that others do not. To get in-depth advice and the best industry wide price.

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Income Protection and Partnership Cover